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Founders & Staff

Richard H. Lawrence, Jr.

Founder and Director

Richard Lawrence is a director and co-founder of High Tide Foundation and the Executive Chairman of Overlook Investments Ltd., an investment management firm founded and headquartered in Hong Kong since 1991.  He is a founding director of Cool Effect, an online platform that helps individuals to take responsibility for their carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits from the world’s highest quality carbon reduction projects. He is also a founding director of Proyecto Mirador Foundation, a Gold Standard certified carbon project that has built more than 200,000 fuel-efficient stoves in rural communities in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. 

Richard is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Audubon Society, where he is Co-Chairman of the Climate Committee and helps lead a program designed to mobilize bipartisan action at the state and local levels. He holds degrees in Economics and Political Science from Brown University and has been a Chartered Financial Analyst since 1986, when he became the second CFA charter holder in Asia.

Dee Lawrence

Founder and Director

Dee Lawrence is a director and co-founder of High Tide Foundation, along with Richard Lawrence. She and Richard are also directors of Proyecto Mirador Foundation, a Gold Standard certified carbon project that installs fuel-efficient clean cookstoves in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. The project has prevented the emissions of nearly two million tonnes of greenhouse gas. This community health project benefits women and children by helping them to avoid respiratory illness caused by smoke while reducing wood use by nearly half.

With Richard, Dee is also a founder of Cool Effect, a non-profit, online platform with a mission to educate and inspire organizations and individuals to take measurable action against climate change by purchasing carbon offsets from the world’s highest quality carbon emission reduction projects. Projects include those related to clean cookstoves, methane emission reductions, land conservation, forests, renewable energy, and compost.

Dee has over 25 years of experience in marketing and advertising with major agencies and U.S. corporations and holds a BS from Miami University.


Marisa de Belloy

Executive Director

Marisa de Belloy is High Tide Foundation’s Executive Director and leads the foundation’s strategy and team. She oversees all grantmaking and works to promote collaboration in the field.

Marisa’s background includes investment banking, strategy consulting and human rights work. Marisa was previously COO of Made in a Free World, a SaaS solution for human trafficking. Before that, she created and ran a highly successful media & technology practice at investment banking firm Michel Dyens & Co., based in Paris, and co-founded and ran Fotango, an online photo sharing site funded by leading European VCs that was later sold to Canon, Inc. She has worked at Goldman Sachs and the LEK Partnership and taught finance at a French university. Marisa speaks French and English and has spent over 15 years working in Europe. She serves on several boards in the Bay Area where she resides with her husband and four children. Marisa received her MBA from Stanford University and her BA from Yale.

Michael Bruce


Michael is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of High Tide Foundation, responsible for finance and accounting, financial planning and analysis, risk and assurance, human resources and operational management. He oversees much of the foundation’s daily operations, providing guidance to drive effectiveness and efficiency in support of the foundation’s missions.

Prior to joining High Tide in 2019, he served as Senior Finance Director of The Broad Foundations in Los Angeles where he was responsible for the Foundations’ finances and controls. Before entering the foundation industry, he held several roles at Honeywell in Financial Planning & Analysis, Controllership and Corporate Audit. He started his career in public accounting at Arthur Andersen. He holds an MBA from UCLA and a degree in Accounting from Pepperdine University. He is a CFA charterholder and a CPA. 

Kirsten Jurich

Program Manager

Kirsten Jurich is a Program Manager at High Tide Foundation where she manages a portfolio of for-profit and non-profit climate investments. In close partnership with grantees and portfolio companies, she works to accelerate the clean energy transition in the US and across Southeast Asia. Her grantmaking focuses on US bipartisan climate policy, climate innovations, and addressing the carbon threat in Asia. She helps develop and implement grantmaking strategies and builds diverse coalitions to support the empowerment of nontraditional voices around these issues. 

Before joining the foundation, Kirsten was a post-graduate research fellow at UC Berkeley and an earth science consultant at NASA Ames studying the effects of climate change through the lens of remote sensing. Prior to that, she was a sustainability consultant who focused on the design, construction, and operations of high-performance buildings. Kirsten holds a Master of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning and a BA in Urban Studies, both from UC Berkeley.

Tom Owens

Program Manager

Tom Owens is a Program Manager at High Tide Foundation where he manages a portfolio of non-profit climate and energy investments. In close partnership with grantees, he focuses on developing and supporting strategies that can usher in a clean energy transition away from fossil fuels.

Prior to joining High Tide Foundation, Tom worked for over ten years at a variety of organizations spanning the climate, energy, and water space including the U.S. Water Alliance, Pisces Foundation, and a range of climate policy organizations in the U.S. He is one of many co-founders of Powershift, a national youth climate conference that has trained over 40,000 young people to be effective environmental advocates and change agents in their communities. Tom has a BS in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech and a Master of Environmental Management degree from the Yale School of the Environment, where his research focused on the solar and wind sectors in Brazil.